Holy Hylands

These last two days have been rough. Amelia is constantly fussy and always wanting to be held. We think she is teething a bit so I bought these teething tablets by Hylands that have been working wonders! They dissolve so easily, and she loves that I get to rub them all over her gums.

Oh the little things in life!

We also aren’t exactly innocent in her wanting to be held all the time. The moment she cries, someone is there to rescue her from the depths of her sorrows. I try not to think about the monster we are creating by doing this. At the very least I try to reassure myself that she’ll be an adorable monster.

On a brighter note.. I found a mommy and baby yoga class for Amelia and I to go to. It’s only $8 a class so it won’t break the bank, and I’ll be able to socialize with other moms in the area. This class, along with hitting the gym a couple times a week, will definitely keep me on the right track to my 130 goal weight.


Health Nuts

With getting sick recently, I have never been so motivated to get healthy and stay healthy. Not only for myself but for my family. The goal is a simple one.. Lets get to my pre-pregnancy weight/size. I put on over 60lbs during my pregnancy, 58 of which all piled on within my last trimester. I don’t think I realized just how much weight that was because I had this big ol belly disguising my big ol everything else. Well that’s not the case anymore – I just look 50lbs over weight now. I’d like to return to my pre-pregnancy weight of 130, or size 6 jeans. Seeing that my hips may never fit into a size 6 again, I think the 130 weight is a more realistic goal.

Just before I got pregnant I lost almost 40lbs with diet and exercise. I know I can do it again – I just need to remind myself not to get discouraged. Before I didn’t have a new baby that demanded so much of me throughout the day. Thank goodness we pay for daycare at the gym and I am friends with the supervisor – leaving Amelia in trusted hands will definitely help in keeping me on the right track. I really wish that the weather here permitted more stroller jogs, it’s just too darn hot during the summer, and by time it starts to cool off (around 7pm) Amelia is getting ready for bath time and then bed.

Calvin is also looking to lose some sympathy weight he put on during my pregnancy. I think together we can motivate each other to keep at it and not give up.

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.
– William James