SEW free and SO easy!

Lately I have been in a mood to make things for Amelia. I’m even contemplating getting a sewing machine so I can start making her cloth diapers (and more of course!)..

This tutu was on my list of musts. Her birthday is in a few months and we are going with a pink lemonade theme. So fun – and darling in my opinion (which sums this tutu up)..

This literally has no stitching. Completely SEW free and SO easy! The hardest part.. picking from all the adorable swatches..



Momma couldn’t be happier with how it came out and I sure cannot wait for Amelia to wear it on her birthday.

-Fabric samples .97ea – I chose 10 sifferent styles and used 4 strips of each with 8 strips of tule
-1.5″ elastic
-heat bond