Like I said.. I am not good at keeping up with this blog for long periods of time

But I guess that is okay, because it means that there is a lot going on in our lives, and to be honest, I am okay with spending my time focusing on my family and getting shit done.

Amelia has been growing up so fast! She will be TWO in 12 days, and it still baffles me how we created such an amazing human being. She has a personality all her own, and is up for any challenge that is placed in front of her. She is so incredibly smart; knows her colors, lots of letters, shapes, and how to count to 5. If you ask her to do anything though – like sing her ABC’s or count, she refuses. She has to do it on her own terms, and it is usually when she is sitting on the toilet concentrating :P. Oh! and that’s another thing. She has potty trained for about 6 months now. We still put her in pull ups for night time, but during the day, whether at home or out and about, she goes to the potty without any issue. She is the most fearless, intelligent, and beautiful little girl; makes me wish time would slow down so she can stay our baby forever.

To celebrate her birthday this year, we are throwing her a small birthday party at a local park with our closest friends and family. The big birthday surprise comes at the end of the month when we road trip to Anaheim, and go to Disneyland for 3 days! We are beyond excited for this trip, and most excited to see the new Carsland and Toy Story Characters. Amelia goes GA-GA over Buzz Lightyear and Lightening McQueen! It will be interesting to see how she fares when she comes to face to face with them.

On another note:

School has been a challenge this semester for both Calvin and I. Nothing that we can’t handle, but after our last semester we thought it would get somewhat easier – or at least we would be more use to the work load that comes with school. I feel it is the total opposite. Last semester I had my weeks all planned out according to when my assignments were due, was able to get them done in advance and have a couple days to relax, etc. This semester I feel as though the workload is 10x heavier. This is mostly my fault because I enrolled in three, 6-8 week classes to try and get them over with. I am surviving though, and with A’s, so I guess it isn’t all that terrible. On another note, I am actually contemplating switching my major from History to Political Science. I love history, but I am finding that I have a deep rooted passion for politics and government. I not only love to learn about it, but I enjoy engaging in conversation relating to politics. It’s really crazy the things you learn about yourself as you get older.

THE BAD (Well kind of bad)
So, to give an update, today marks the day of Calvin’s last day with Geek Squad. We were notified about one month ago that the company was going through a reorg, and with that comes eliminating many leadership positions. Calvin, being the Geek Squad Senior, just so happens to be one of the employees who is getting laid off. Scary right?

He was offered a demotion, but we both thought that after 9 years of blood sweat and tears (you’d have to work there to understand), there was no point in moving backwards with the company. So the only thing to do is move forward in our lives. This was far from an easy decision, but after many heartfelt discussions and weighing our options and risks – we have finally come to terms that it truly is the best option for our family at this time.

Calvin and I have discussed moving out of Vegas since Amelia was born. We have never felt that this city was a good place to raise children, or nurture a family. Now before everyone gets all “It’s how you raise them, not where you raise them”, I have to politely disagree. Where you raise a child directly affects how well you raise your child. If you don’t believe me, take a sociology class; it will teach you a ton about how society and cultures within that society impact even the most minute aspects of someones life.

As many people know, we are getting married this fall, and moving was something we wanted to avoid before the wedding. We planned to sign another 6 month lease after ours is up in September, which would keep us in vegas until early spring of 2015. Because Calvin will be looking for a new job (and me too if need be), we have discussed looking for them in other states, and relocating if the opportunity presents itself.

We both have/will have a good amount of family in the San Diego area, and with Amelia being so little still, we feel it is the best option at this time. We are not sure when it will happen, but expect it to be before September this year.

We are excited to see what this next chapter in life has in store for us – and will try to keep the blog updated as new things arise. Wish us luck!


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