Day 2 – 2014


Calvin and I had a date day today. We first went to an early lunch (11am) at Archi’s Thai restaurant.  By far the most delicious thai food either of us has had in Vegas. We ate lite because we had a 12:20 showing of Saving Mr. Banks to attend. We are both big Tom Hanks fans, so we were extremely excited to see it (especially after hearing all the amazing reviews on it). It did not fail. We both loved it! After the movie ended we did a little shopping; first to Ross to return a couple things, then to Bed Bath and Beyond for a dish drying mat. We followed Bed Bath and Beyond with a trip to Best Buy to pick myself up a new phone case. I recently got water in the charge port – or shall I say Amelia did, and then today we dropped my phone into a big bowl of Tom Kha soup at lunch. Needless to say, it needed a case, and badly! We also picked up a new case for Amelia’s new iPad mini. Our final destination was starbucks to spend some of our Christmas gift cards we received. Calvin bought bought a new tea travel mug, and I bought a new to go cup for my smoothies.

I am now trying to get in the mood of wedding planning; which let me be the first to say,  I just don’t feel cut out for this! 10 months until our wedding, and I have nothing to show but a pinterest board filled with ideas.. Oy vey!





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