So, I’m not so good at keeping up with the blog

It has been just under a year since my last blog entry, and all I can say is WOW! 2013 was an amazing year, filled with amazing memories.

We celebrated Amelia’s first birthday in April. It was a pink lemonade theme, and we hosted it at a local park. So many loved ones came out to celebrate with us, and as any one can expect, Amelia was spoiled rotten.

In May I celebrated my second mothers day and 25th birthday. June we celebrated father’s day, which was shortly followed by Calvin’s 26th birthday in July.

During July we went to visit my family in Michigan, and Amelia was able to meet her great grandpa for the first time. Memories we will have, and hold dear for years to come. We were able to visit Mackinaw island during our visit, where I just so happen to break my DSLR, and Amelia managed to almost completely break our point and shoot sony. Being camera – less on vacation is never fun, especially when taking photos is somewhat of a past time for me.

During our visit we were able to attend the 4th of July festivities held in a local park on Saginaw river, and even saw the magnificent tall ships when they came in and docked for the week. Ballads and brews was another event we attended, where we were able to try out some local beer and good eats. The live entertainment wasn’t all that bad either.

On the last day of our vacation, Calvin proposed. He was shakey, and nervous, which made the proposal even more memorable (as if it isn’t already). I remember thinking how adorable her was getting down on one knee, choking back the words. I personally feel that if your boyfriend doesn’t get choked up when he asks you to marry him, then he must be doing something wrong. Just saying.

Anyway, I forgot to mention that Calvin received a promotion at work! After nearly 7 years, and non stop hard work and dedication, it felt great to know that they were recognizing him for the outstanding employee he really is. Us gals couldn’t be more proud.

In August we started school. Calvin changed his degree from business to engineering, and I finally settled on a degree of history, with a minor in journalism and photography. I am happy to report that I finished my first semester with a 4.0 average! Calvin did great as well, finishing just under a 3.0 average.  I gotta give it to him. Full time student, full time work, dad, fiance, etc. He has a lot on his plate. I’m just happy he is finally back in school making effort towards something he is passionate about.
The holidays have come and gone. Amelia was Minnie Mouse for Halloween, and let me just toot my horn and say that I made her costume myself! Minus the Minnie mouse ears beanie, that I bought off of another April 2012 mom, who I might say, does AMAZING things with yarn. I’ll add her link once I get to a computer.

Thanksgiving was somewhat of a blur this year. To be honest it didn’t feel like thanksgiving all that much seeing that Best Buy decided to open during normal thanksgiving hours, forcing us to celebrate on wednesday. Nontheless, we enjoyed our time together as a family and stuck with an untraditional theme by cooking a small chicken instead of turkey. 
Of course once thanksgiving is over then Christmas just creeps up on you. I still find it hard to believe that it has already come and gone. This year was especially fun because Amelia was just in awe of all the Christmas spirit around her. Well, that is, minus visiting Santa. She HATED sitting on his lap! Which was surprising because she loves seeing him in movies, like our favorite, The Polar Express!

On another note, Amelia received some very special items this year for Christmas – her favorites are her Kid Kraft Kitchen, and Little Tykes Coupe car! There is not a waking moment where this child is not playing with one or the other.

She also received a very special table from Lola, that she uses ALL THE TIME! She serves up coffee, colors, plays tea, etc. At the table; I’m pretty sure her bum is imprinted on the seat already.

Oh! And i can’t forget Margo, her new American Doll from tia Marlith, and tio Spencer. We picked the name Margo for her doll because of the character in the movie Despicable Me. Millie and Margo just sounded good together. Her and Mahalee have matching dolls, and we just can’t wait to get them together for play dates.

All in all it was a great year. We ended it on an amazing note, spending time at home as a family. We bbq’d on our new grill (courtesy of santa, aka mom and dad), threw money in the air at midnight, and enjoyed a few glasses of wine. Amelia got all dressed up into her sparkly party dress, and partied the night away in toddler fashion.


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