6 month old photosesh – Amelia Mai 10/16/12

Our baby girl is growing up so darn fast. To celebrate her 6 month birthday – we had some fun taking photos after her 6 month check up. Dad had to work, so Grandma Mary helped entertain Amelia and get all those lovely smiles to come out. The Halloween bow was sent to Amelia from her Great Aunt Diane (and the red flower one too – Amelia wasn’t too happy when I took those shots so there were not many options) and the romper she is wearing in the last three photos was picked up at the Art in the Park a couple weeks ago (for half off I might add!).





Amelia’s Dress

Great Grandma Pavlov and Great Aunt Diane are always sending Amelia goodies. They live in Michigan and will be here to visit in November to meet Amelia for the first time! We are all very excited!! The dress Amelia is wearing in these photos is one of my all time favorite dresses she has ever worn. When Amelia wears it, I feel like she looks like a little doll.. another Dress came in the same package as this dress, but it barely fits her. Stay tuned – I’ll post pictures of that in a couple weeks 🙂ImageImageImage

Amelia and Gozer

These two are best friends! The moment Amelia sees Gozer scamper into her room after me when she wakes up in the morning, she just lights up with smiles and laughter. When we first brought Amelia home, Gozer was very unsure about what the heck just happened. I was a little shocked because gozer was super attached to my belly when I was pregnant. It took a couple months for him to realize that Amelia was here for good and there was no turning back. He lets her grab, yank, tug, crawl, etc. all over him! He takes it like a pro.. Likes its his duty to be whatever it is she needs him to be. I look forward to their bond growing as she gets older. ❤



Art in the Park – Boulder City NV 2012

The Art in the Park is something my family has been going to for year now. Ever since I was little girl it was one of my favorite things to do during the fall. Seeing that this is Amelia’s first year, I wanted to make sure we made the time to go check it out. Before heading to Boulder City, we stopped off at this little restaurant to grab breakfast with the family. As you can tell by the food journal Calvin created – the dishes were mighty yummy. This restaurant doubles as a bar. A Denver Broncos bar I might add :D. The day was packed with lots of fun. The weather was great – not too hot, not too cold and not a cloud in sight. We were able to meet up with my cousin Danielle and her daughter Emma. Emma and Amelia just love each other and light up when they get to spend time together. It’s never anything but fun when we all get together. 

Amelia scored two lace rompers, 3 new bows (like she needs more!) and an awesome cat hand puppet. (sorry, Ill get photos of the things after we move and things are unpacked – you can see one of the rompers in the halloween blog though).ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Bath Time Fun!

Amelia is now big enough to ditch the baby bath and sit up like a big girl in the bathtub. Her favorite toys to play with while in the bath are her rubber ducky and her princess thermometer (both are amazing teething toys if you ask me). Amelia gets at least one bath each day, but some days we up it to two depending on how messy her meals are. She loves baths so much that I don’t mind the extra trip to the tub.ImageImageImageImageImage