Belly Bliss Mommy and Baby Yoga

Having a baby you learn that your body is no longer yours. Between your pregnancy, delivery, breast feeding, cuddling, etc., your child is always demanding something of you physically. That being said – I didn’t realize just how out of sync I have gotten with my body. I worked 45 hours a week when I was pregnant, so working out didn’t happen very often. We would go on the occasional walk – wooohooo!.

I found an awesome prenatal yoga class, but the schedule was more aimed towards expecting moms who didn’t work. I’m just saying, a class offered on the weekends would have been nice for us working moms.

Anyway. Today kicked my butt. I feel great – right now – but am not looking forward to how I will be feeling over the next day or two. Amelia had so much fun, and all the little ones were surprisingly on their best behavior for the majority of the class. It makes me happy that I can go to class with other moms who have similar goals of getting and staying healthy after baby. Not to mention – I get to spend time with my wonderful daughter. I didn’t have to leave the class to change her – and even when the babies did get fussy, no one ever batted an eye. Its a win win all around.

I’m determined as ever to get this baby weight off. I purchased 5 more classes and have a friend to go with for motivation. My gym membership kicks back in on the 17th of this month, and I have already organized a plan to go to classes with my best friend Carly.

I weigh 180lbs today and have 50lbs to go until my goal.

Gym+Yoga=Healthy (Sexy) Momma. 😉


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