Apple Vs. Android

My dad and I got into a discussion the other day about how Jobs claims Google stole Apples “design”.

First off I’d like to say I’m Pro Apple and Android. I Agree that many portable device companies need to stay competitive – especially in the technology market we live in today, and even more so when going up against a successful company like Apple.

In my opinion – Google did it better when it comes to portable devices and Apple takes the cake, cupcakes, hell the entire bakery when it comes to laptops and desktops. I switched from an iPhone to an HTC Evo about 2 years ago because I was moving into an area of the city that AT&T and Verizon didn’t work well in. I expected to hate my new phone, but tolerate it because it was the closest thing to an iPhone I could get on Sprint. As of today – I would never choose to go back to Apple when it comes to my phone. We are even contemplating trading in our iPad for an Android tablet.

Those of you who know Calvin know he is, well WAS, Pro Apple all the way. I honestly never thought he would even consider going with Android.

So back to the discussion with my father… Is it “stealing” for a company to stay competitive? If Google did not “copy” Apples iOS and simply created a version (a better version in some peoples opinions) to stay current with the demands of their consumers – are they in the wrong? Also – what happens to technology if there isn’t a constant desire to be the best and create the best?

Although unlikely, if Apple were to win their lawsuit again Google and have the Android system shut down – what would happen to Apple? They would have no competition – which to them would be ideal, but what about their consumers? I can promise that without Android, Apple wouldn’t have been pushed to create an update that allowed a notification bar at the top of their phones, making iPhone and iPad a little more user friendly.

Wait.. Does this mean that Apple stole Notifications Bars from Android? I smell a lawsuit 😛


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