Amelia and Ethan


Little Ethan was born about a month and a half after Amelia and I have been dying to meet him. Amelia didn’t really know how to react to this knew baby, so she just stared intently at him.

We went to Samba Latte for some much needed coffee and then off to Target for some much needed shopping. Amelia  and Ethan took turns being fussy. Once one stopped crying, the other one immediately started. It was like they tag teamed each other.

We drove back to Candace’s house to get out of the heat and catch up more on all that is new in the world of mommyhood. of course we had tons of notes to compare and stories to share.

I had to cut the visit with Candace and Ethan short because I had a photo shoot scheduled this afternoon with my close friend Shane. It was quick but served it’s purpose. I can’t wait to see the calendar 🙂

my parents and little brother came over to visit after the shoot. We enjoyed pizza and strawberry shortcake. We also tried to make sense of the Olympic opening ceremony for a bit. it was.. Uhm interesting to say the least.

Eventually bed called our name, and here we are… Watching Friends With Benefits winding down.


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