Thursday Fun


Calvin had today off so we wanted to do something as a family. We started out the day with a nice 45 minute walk with Amelia and the pooches. The dogs love going for walks and get excited even if we mention the word. It was nice outside when we began our walk being that it was only 8am. By time 830am hit I was melting. I thought for a moment it wasn’t going to get too uncomfortable because it was so early. Silly me, I’ve only lived in Las Vegas for 24 years. Not nearly enough time to know how Summers are here. 🙂 I’m glad we went for the walk though. It definitely set the tone for the day.

We knew that Lola Juliet was coming over to visit after work so we planned a lunch outing for the family. Yama Sushi is one of our favorite restaurants. We haven’t had sushi since Marlith and Spencer came to visit so we figured it was time. Boy was it overdue! The seaweed salad, seafood salad and rolls hit the spot. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back tomorrow. Yum!



After lunch we drove to check out this Filipino market called Seafood City. It was right around the corner from the restaurant so we couldn’t resist. I love Lola Juliet’s cooking so seeing all that goes into it was an interesting experience.

After the market we came home and enjoyed a much needed nap while Lola Juliet spent time with Amelia.

Once I was up from my nap, I got Amelia ready and we drove to Abbey’s house to visit with Abbey, Katy and little Isabelle. Abbey gave birth to Isabelle 1 month and 4 days before I had Amelia. Abbey and Katy are sisters and I know them from working at Terra West. The really awesome thing is that Katy is now expecting her first (a little boy) in December. I’m so extremely excited that our kids will all be so close in age! We all get along so well that it’s just natural to be around these ladies. I only expected to visit for an hour since Amelia was due for a bath and bed time was creeping up. I ended up being there for almost 3 hours, just chatting away with girls. It’s really nice getting out of the house and spending time with other moms.

Amelia and I finally made it home and she was in bed right away. Wore out from the non stop excitement I’m sure 🙂

Overall – it was a great day surrounded by great people.

Sorry for any grammatical errors or typos. It’s late and I’m tired 🙂


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