Holy Hylands

These last two days have been rough. Amelia is constantly fussy and always wanting to be held. We think she is teething a bit so I bought these teething tablets by Hylands that have been working wonders! They dissolve so easily, and she loves that I get to rub them all over her gums.

Oh the little things in life!

We also aren’t exactly innocent in her wanting to be held all the time. The moment she cries, someone is there to rescue her from the depths of her sorrows. I try not to think about the monster we are creating by doing this. At the very least I try to reassure myself that she’ll be an adorable monster.

On a brighter note.. I found a mommy and baby yoga class for Amelia and I to go to. It’s only $8 a class so it won’t break the bank, and I’ll be able to socialize with other moms in the area. This class, along with hitting the gym a couple times a week, will definitely keep me on the right track to my 130 goal weight.


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