Sunday.. Date day

Amelia got dresses up in her Sunday best and we headed to Lola.


Calvin and I went to the Yardhouse for lunch, where we enjoyed some yummy calamari and ahi tuna salads. I had the seared ahi tuna Caesars salad and Calvin had the seared ahi tuna Asian salad. Calvin definitely chose the winner out of the two.

The movie was really good. The ending was great and was what made the movie worth seeing in my opinion. With the movie being almost 3 hours, I feel like they threw a lot of information at the viewers – especially with all the new characters. This made it seem to drag on a bit. Not to mention you need subtitles to understand Bane at times.. I thought he was a pretty awesome villain. Some scenes gave me the chills because of his character.

Heath Ledger still takes the cake though.

Overall I give it an 8 out of 10 because of Joseph Gordon Levitt and a big “told ya so” to Calvin 🙂

After the movie we drove to pick up Amelia and to enjoy some yummy brown rice, steamed bok choy and shrimp (chicken for Calvin) – courtesy of Lola Juliet.

It has been a great day…


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