A happy baby equals a happy mommy – that being said, nap time is turning out to be more a challenge than I anticipated. I’m not only trying to put Amelia on a schedule, but also break the habit of letting her sleep in her swing for naps. I feel the longer we do it, the longer it will take to have her comfortable in her crib. She recently transitioned from bassinet to crib  and is doing really well at night – Mom.. well I’m still adjusting :).

Today, after 45 minutes in her nursery with a fussy, sleepy baby – I realized that her room is just too bright. We have curtains up but definitely need blinds to block out more light. I decided to lay her down in our room where it is darker and she was out within seconds. I’m hoping the blinds will fix everything and that Amelia will be napping in her room in no time.


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