Family day out

Calvin had the day off today, so we thought we’d make a family day out of it and get us all out of the house. It was one of the coolest days this week to try and beat the heat, but alas – we ended up at the Fashion Show Mall to enjoy the crisp, cool AC. 100 degrees is still a little too hot to enjoy when there is no pool or beach at our disposal.

It’s so easy not to shop for yourself when you are trying to lose weight. Now what’s difficult is not shopping for Amelia. There are just so many options at the Fashion Show for little ones – I keep having to remind myself that this child already has boat loads of clothes that she probably won’t even get around to wearing with how rapidly she is growing. She is now three months as of the 16th and I can’t believe the changes that we are seeing. She finally has the chubby legs, arms and cheeks. She is standing (with assistance of course) and trying to walk – one foot in front of the other, all by herself. Oh! And not to forget the babbling. I may be going crazy, but I swear we understand each other. We’ve been working on grabbing things and she is getting really good at it with wash cloths in the bath and her stuffed bunny and elephant. They of course go straight into her mouth, but that’s expected.

As for breast feeding. I’ve recently had to give it up. I’m not sure if Amelia sensed I wasn’t feeling well or what, but all of a sudden she was having a difficult time latching. She would latch for a few seconds and then just scream her little heart out. It broke my heart. I’m now on medication that isn’t good for her, so the best option was to put her on formula. I’m just grateful that I have my health and am able to still feed her.

All in all – today was a great way to bring the last two challenging weeks to an end. I’m so thankful for all the Support, especially from my mother, who has been over day in and day out and Calvins mom who has come over on her days off to help out.





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